Startlist Thursday 30-9.2
Startlist 1-10 versie 30-9
Start times SATURDAY 02-10-2021 EC Enduro 2021 Hellendoorn

Time Saterday 2-10-2021
TC 1: 75 minutes
TC 2: 63 minutes
Start as from 8.30 uur, 3 rounds

KNMV Enduro EC 2021-09-30 Hellendoorn
2021-10-01 Results Day 1 EC Enduro Hellendoorn
Results of Saterday en total results, check

Time table administrative & technical check
Time table EC enduro Hellendoorn

General competition information:
The race will be held on Thursday evening 30 September, Friday 1 October and Saturday 2 October. On Thursday evening at 16.30 hours the first ECC rider will start and the 2Masters prologue will be held on our circuit ‘de Koetree’.

The 2Masters prologue has been moved from the Hofmansweide in the middle of the village to the circuit de Koetree due to corona regulations.

On Friday and Saturday the first riders will start at 8.30 am. First of all, the ECC riders will drive from the starting podium, followed by the E1 and E2/3 riders on scratch. The national riders will also start at scratch and after the inters riders will start at Manege ’t Oale spoor.

The ECC and E1 and E2/3 riders will ride 3 laps on Friday and Saturday. The national riders will ride 2 laps on both days. Each round has 4 special tests, Putoline enduro special test 1, Sherco enduro special test 2, Eurol extreme special test 3, 123 Magazijninrichting cross test 4.

First, the route of the West-loop is driven with Putoline enduro special test 1 and Sherco enduro special test 2. After time control 1 at manege ’t Oale spoor, the riders continue with the east-loop which includes Eurol extreme special test 3 and 123 Magazijninrichting cross test 4. From the east loop, the riders reach time control 2 which is also located at manege ’t Oale spoor.

GPS locations
Start / Finish / TC 1 / TC 2:
Manege ‘t Oale Spoor GPS: 52.379031, 6.450187

2MASTERS Proloog Circuit de Koetree – GPS: 52.388194, 6.452354
Putoline Enduro Test 1 – GPS: 52.388657, 6.412776
Sherco Enduro Test 2 – GPS: 52.381992, 6.436552
Eurol Extreme Test 3 – GPS: 52.391702, 6.473045
123 Magazijninrichting Cross Test 4 – GPS: 52.388509, 6.495661

Technical control and inspection/administrative registration

Every rider will receive a new starting number from us, which means that everybody has to pass the administrative check. Below you find the schedule for the administrative check:

  • ECC riders: administrative check on Thursday 30th of September from 9.00 to 15.00.
  • ECC riders: technical inspectionon Thursday 30th of September from 10.00 to 16.00.
  • E1 & E2/3 riders, administrative and technical inspection on Thursday 30th of September from 8.00 to 16.00.
  • N1, N2, N3, NV50 riders: administrative and technical inspection Thursday 30th of September from 8.00 to 10.00 and from 15.00 to 17.00.
  • NV 40 riders: Saturday administrative and technical inspection from 7.00 till 8.00 hrs.

The exact time schedule will be announced on Wednesday the 29th of September at the latest.

Covid-19 regulations
Riders and accompanying persons must be in possession of a valid (international) vaccination or negative test certificate. This must be shown on arrival at the paddock.

Staying overnight
Please refer to the message